About Hola Surf


Hola Surf Boutique成立于2013年,創立的原因就是希望可以介紹一種全新形態的衝浪店給各位喜愛衝浪的你們,讓在台灣也可以跟加州與日本同步享受到最有風格的衝浪商品。Hola Surf Boutique是台灣第一家衝浪復合式網路精品店,我們嚴選來自世界各地的以衝浪為啟發的品牌,讓衝浪不再只是一種休閒運動而是一種生活形態,Hola Surf Boutique的每一樣產品都是以sufer的生活為出發點,來提供你所喜歡跟所需的商品,除了基本的服飾和衝浪的用品外,我們連你日常生活用品也替你準備好了,在Hola Surf Boutique我們賣的不是商品而是一種surfer所喜歡的生活。

Hola Surf Boutique is the first online selected surf shop in Taiwan. The vision of the shop is to commit to offer the most trendy and exotic brands that are relate to surfing. In addition to our exiting apparel collections, we also try to introduce a surfers’ lifestyle to Taiwanese customers. On top of that we also carry some daily supplies, bathing, and grooming products. Hola Surf Boutique will soon inspire our customers with the American vintage style. It is according to our experience that most surfers are interested and inspired by the renewal vintage and hand-made style.